This is me

Emil Elthammar is an explorer.

Emil Elthammar is interested in design, psychology, perception, systems thinking, programming, philosophy, productivity and unconventional ideas.

Emil Elthammar loves music, especially rhythmic and unconventional. Favorite music genres are funky disco/house, jazz, Djent, video game music (OST), metals, vaporwave and kawaii bass anime music and things generally labeled progressive or experimental.

Emil Elthammar loves nature and technology.

Emil Elthammar combine interests to create interesting intersections like digital experiences that integrate psychology and technology using systems knowledge, design and perception.

Emil Elthammar generates, thoughts, music, designs and video games, etc.

Emil Elthammar lives on an island in the Baltic sea, far away from most people.

Emil Elthammar previously studied Game Design and programming, as well as introductory courses in systems science at Uppsala University.


Currently involvements:


Previous involvements:

External reoccurrence:

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